Why CT Addiction Medicine, LLC is the best pain management specialist in Connecticut

Pain management is a critical part of recovery from any type of addiction.

According to a study released by the Center for Disease Control, between 2006 and 2012, Connecticut residents were prescribed and dispensed over 675 million opioid pain pills. Regulatory agencies have severely addressed the surge in prescriptions that led to the current opioid crisis in the US at every level. This situation has had the unintended effect of restricting access to opioids for chronic pain patients, many of whom have suffered a decrease in quality of life due to rapidly forced tapers or withdrawal of care.

Being a pain patient is not synonymous with addiction, despite the media conflation of these oft-complicated cases. The pain management doctors at Connecticut Addiction Medicine are dedicated to offering alternative treatments for patients who wish to adjust their medication for maintenance of chronic pain.

In-house experts with extensive experience in pain management are available to design a plan that will return patients to a functional, pain-free life with evidence-based interventions that are known to improve functional outcomes. Converting patients from their current opioid therapy regimes to the alternative Suboxone ® can be done on an outpatient basis without significant opioid withdrawal.

What To Expect

Pain management clinicians at CT Addiction Medicine have had significant success with the use of Suboxone┬« and require no additional inpatient intervention. When prescribed in conjunction with ancillary, non-opioid analgesics, patients report limited side effects. A combination of buprenorphine and naltrexone, switching to this type of therapy for the management of chronic pain, has proved to have greater effectiveness in alleviating chronic pain without tolerance buildup. The switch from traditional opioid therapy to Suboxone(R) can be done on an outpatient basis at a rate that is comfortable for patients with a substance that has no risk of misuse or overdose within one month, the majority of patients receive greater than 50% improvement in pain.  There is no development of tolerance.

Reach out to Connecticut Addiction Medicine, LLC, to discuss how their specialists can help you meet your pain management goals without the use of dangerous, often habit-forming opioids in a climate where access is continually restricted.