SEO Consulting

Highly ranked and visible websites create opportunities.

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves improving a website’s search engine position, an i.e. ranking of the site via organic “natural” search results. As a result, this would increase the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines like Google and Yahoo. The earlier a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine.

SEO Services

Our years of experience in Internet Marketing and our successful track record with clients make our SEO Services among the most sought after. We can help you in a host of comprehensive ways, such as:

  • Key Word Research
  • SEO Strategy
  • Onsite Content Optimization
  • Meta-Tag Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Local SEO
  • Maintenance
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns

SEO Process


MBA Team, Inc. starts each engagement with an initial SEO consultation to determine your target keywords. With short and long-term objectives in mind, our SEO consultants interact with you and/or your marketing team to get a complete picture. Next, we work with you to create an SEO strategic plan. A detailed analysis of your website assets, the target market, and your competition is conducted to determine the direction of the plan. Our next step is to begin the process of choosing the most beneficial keywords and phrases. This is critical to the success of the SEO campaign. A comprehensive list of keywords is created based on your input, as well as public information on search statistics (i.e., the keywords used in search engines).

Our approach to search engine optimization (SEO) involves achieving dramatic results by precise tailoring of the site to rules and requirements of the most active search engines. Search engine optimization includes conducting keyword research and making recommendations to improve keyword frequency as well as suggesting the necessary tools required for building page rank. MBA Team, Inc. services for search engine marketing for the site come in several “modular” phases.

Key Word Research and Strategy

First, we research the appropriate keywords in order to ascertain the competitive nature of the category and opportunities to rank well in the “organic” search engine listings.

Next, a competitive review is done to establish whom you are in professional competition with and where you can best hope to compete. Once this is done, a review of the content of the pages is undertaken and alterations are suggested, utilizing best practices for ranking within the major search engines. Meta tags, title tags, text attributes and keyword density are considered, and recommendations are made according to best practices.

Content Optimization

Our SEO specialists will either provide findings and requirements in report format for your web designer or we will take over and tweak the content of the site based on previous findings. Meta tags, titles, and links are optimized and keywords and phrases are optimally placed for best representation to the search engines. Page optimization will focus on Google’s requirements, as they are the current market leader in the industry.

Google Page Rank

Traditional search engines rely heavily on how often a word appears on a web page. Google uses PageRank™ to examine the entire link structure of the web and determine which pages are most important. It then conducts hypertext-matching analysis to determine which pages are relevant to the specific search being conducted. Google ranks web pages by combining overall importance and query-specific relevance.

PageRank Technology: PageRank performs an objective measurement of the importance of web pages by solving an equation of more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. Instead of counting direct links, PageRank interprets a link from Page A to Page B as a vote for Page B by Page A. PageRank then assesses a page’s importance by the number of votes it receives.

PageRank also considers the importance of each page that casts a vote, as votes from some pages are considered to have greater value, thus giving the linked page greater value. Important pages receive a higher PageRank and appear at the top of the search results. Google’s technology uses the collective intelligence of the web to determine a page’s importance. There is no human involvement or manipulation of results, which is why users have come to trust Google as a source of objective information untainted by paid placement.

Hypertext-Matching Analysis: Google’s search engine also analyzes page content. However, instead of simply scanning for page-based text (which can be manipulated by site publishers through meta-tags), Google’s technology analyzes the full content of a page and factors in fonts, subdivisions and the precise location of each word. Google also analyzes the content of neighboring web pages to ensure the results returned are the most relevant to a user’s query.

Link Building

After the alterations, the site is submitted to the search engines and industry relevant directories. Links pointing back to your website from other quality websites on the internet is vital to success. The more links you have the more important the search engine will deem your website to be. This is the most important and extremely time-consuming part and we do all the research necessary and follow-ups to get these important sites to link to you.

Site Submission

Your site will be manually submitted to all the necessary and important search engines and directories that benefit a site’s ranking. It usually takes 1-2 months for the website to show up in search engines if you were not there previously. If you’ve been in the search engines or paid for inclusion in the past, you’ll start to see results within 30 days.

Monitoring and Reporting

Our services do not stop after submissions. We monitor to see how your search engine ranking has improved. We send you periodic reports of rankings in each search engine, by each keyword phrase. If pages require refinements or further optimization because of change in Search Engine Algorithms we can get this done also. In short, we would continue to work with you until your objectives are accomplished.

Pricing and Fees

You can engage us on a fixed price per project basis wherein we enter into a contract on mutually agreed fixed price against a set of well-defined deliverables. This fixed price depends on the number of pages you have on your site, the number of keyword phrases that you choose and the competitive nature of the phrases. Or alternatively, you can have an SEO specialist working for you on a full time, half time or on an hourly basis. This plan works well for you if you have more than one site or need continuous monitoring of your website or if you do not have a particular liking for negotiating a price for every project.

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